To be truly innovative, we need to listen to the input of fresh minds

Young dental educators are driven by their fresh minds. They support the VR-Haptic Mission at the front lines and give the students the opportunity to develop their professional profile by working with VR-haptics to better meet the challenges of traditional phantom head simulation and clinical training. To be truly innovative, we need to listen to the input of these fresh minds, as they are often the ones closest to the students at our local niches every day! Their passion, skills, and daily interactions with students are vital in solving the day-to-day local VR-haptic challenges, the ones that actually matter. That is not to say that their input isn't usable even up at the VR-haptic business level, quite the opposite. 

Getting their input presented to all of us during our annual assembly, this year at Salt Lake City on 7th of June, may be the key for us to be able to effectively listen to, discuss, and sail the winds generated by our talented younger generation. Therefore, the VR-Haptic Thinkers are happy to announce the Best VR-Haptic Practice-Based Award 2024!

A Contest for Students

The VR-Haptic Thinkers Training Spirit Contest

  • Free to join

  • Take a picture or short video of yourself

  • Post your picture and tag @vr_haptic through your Instagram

  • Encourage your friends to vote for you using likes

  • The highest total of likes will be picked as the winner.

The VR-Haptic Thinkers Are Recruiting Early Career Dental Educator Board Members

The Early Career Dental Educators Board (ECDEB)

VRH-T is looking to appoint new members to its ECDEB.


Potential members should have expertise in the use of one or more types of VR-haptic dental trainers.

The Duties of ECDEB

Monitoring and supporting the most important VR-haptic activities within their local niches.

This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals at the pre-doctoral (PhD) to lecturer level to become involved in these essential roles, helping shape the future of the VR-Haptic Thinkers Consortium.

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