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VR-Haptic Dentistry, Pedagogy, and Curriculum Evolution


The VR-Haptic feeling.

 Combining VR-haptics with conventional tooth preparation exercises in dental education. This form of training provides dental students with the opportunity to practice procedures on virtual patients using haptic simulators that provide realistic tactile force feedback. Force feedback is a cutting-edge technology that is helping revolutionize dental training. Dental education traditionally utilizes well-proven phantom head-based teaching methods and clinical trainings. The use of haptics-enhanced virtual reality (VR-haptics) has become more prevalent in dental education in the past decade. By implementing VR-haptic dental trainers in preclinical and clinical courses it is possible to improve students’ learning curves and outcomes. In addition, studies have shown that students feel that their self-confidence improves after practicing within the VR-haptic environment.

Educators are one of the most critical success factors.

In any kind of digital haptic supported education, dental educators are one of the most critical success factors. They can be your most important catalyst for digital-haptic transformation, or the greatest obstacle, and certainly transformation will fail without serving them a clear mission. Therefore, VR-haptic Thinkers focus on five major areas, including performing cross-border cutting-edge educational research; providing support for developing VR-Haptic niches; promoting VR-Haptic supported curriculum development; disseminating data via free, hybrid meetups; and deepening the discussion between academics and industry.

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