2023 Discovering the Power of the VR-Haptics Community

When it all began: 28/11/2023

The VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup held at the Institute of Dentistry, UEF, Kuopio, Finland, in November 2023, was the first of its kind on VR-haptics-supported dental education.


The meetup organization was a great success, garnering attention from scientists and educators from all around the world. Participants were pleased to learn about the new VR-haptic winds from renowned speakers.

Eyes on the Future

Encouraged by the reception and with strengthened ties to relevant organizations, we are forging our way ahead to ensure the continued dissemination of the latest knowledge in VR-haptic dental education.

World's youngest but largest...

The use of VR-haptics in dental education and research allows for the gain of meaningful behavioral insights with a level of accuracy you could expect from real-world simulation and clinical training. The VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup is one of the world's youngest conferences but was also the largest event on VR-haptic dental education in 2023. The conference brought together businesses and high academics from around the dental world to showcase the usefulness of VR-haptic technology and its applications.

Curious to know where the 2023 event attendees were from?

2023 Speakers

Carlos Serrano


Academic Centre of Dentistry Amsterdam

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Marjoke M. Vervoorn Clinical Simulation

Barry F. A. Quinn How real is real enough?

Faisal Mushtaq Three principles

Carlos Serrano Bridging the gap

Marit Øilo Experiences

Nicky Shanks VR-H in postgraduate training


Steven Engebretson Can VR teach?

The story from the Middle of (K)nowhere

Barry F. A. Quinn Concluding remarks