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VR&Haptic Thinkers

The true "owners" of the VR&Haptic Thinkers are its members and followers.

Introducing President-Elect Barry Quinn, University of Liverpool, UK

 “Tough times don’t last. Tough teams do.” - Robert Schuller

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We are Dental Educators in the Americas, Australia, Europe, and Japan

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Faculty of Dentistry, University of Debrecen (UD).

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"Virtual reality haptic dental training is a fantastic methodology for students to learn by experience and at their own pace in a safe environment. At UEV ( Universidad Europea de Valencia) in Spain, we have started the field work of the VR-HAPTIC Thinkers cross-border cutting edge educational research with great pleasure." Professor Maria Florencia Sittoni Pino

Even with different gadgets, we're united. Our bond goes beyond VR and Haptic devices!

We're united as one big and global family!

ONLY Dental Education matters!

Let's crush our goals and then kick back for some well-deserved May Day relaxation!

V like Victory, VR-Haptic and Vappu!

The Finnish name for May Day, “Vappu”, originates from Catholic St. Walpurgis, whose commemoration day was celebrated on the 1st of May. The first May Day festivities in Finland started in upper-class families in the 1700’s Nowadays the political climate is very different and the most visible group of celebrants are the students. Vappu symbols the end of the school year and graduation but most importantly it’s a massive party. When you hit the streets during Vappu, it will be impossible to miss the groups of loud and happy students wearing colorful overalls full of different patches, drink in their hand and a white student cap on their heads. Here at Middle of (K)nowhere, Kuopio, it`s time to hustle now so we can celebrate big on May 1st! Work hard, relax harder. Let's crush our VR-Haptic goals!

Discover the endless joy in expanding your mind through the invaluable treasure trove of knowledge.

The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning, especially from the biggest.



Call us a group, call us a network, call us VR-Haptic Thinkers.

– Masako Nagasawa

Call us a group, call us a network, call us VR-Haptic Thinkers.

– Masako Nagasawa

Through life-like haptic reinforced virtual reality-based simulations and outstanding hand-piece tools, the latest VR-Haptic devices empower oral health care educators and transform education — and among all of the industries developing VR-Haptic solutions, oral healthcare might be the one with the most sweeping effects these days.

VR-Haptics represent a necessary shift in oral health education, complementing traditional simulation learning methods with standardized, immersive, interactive experiences. By incorporating VR and Haptic technology, students become active participants in their education, engaging in lifelike simulations that enhance their learning experience in a relaxed VR-Haptic scenario.

Colin´s Hands...

Dentist / Educator / VR-Haptic lover

Excitement fills the air...

As we prepare for the free, hybrid #VR-Haptic Meetup, to be held at University of Utah, Sal Lake City, UTAH, 7 June 2024. We all eagerly anticipating some fantastic news ahead! 🎉 Oral health care and education matters!